Women are like tea bags.
They never know how strong
they are until they get into hot water.

                                        - Eleanor Roosevelt

Special Events!

Palm Springs Book Festival -
Palm Springs High School, Ramon Road, Palm Springs, CA.
Author panel: SPIRIT AND CRAFT OF WRITING: Finding What Works, Kathryn Jordan, Alex Espinoza and Marisa Silver

La Quinta Library
Kathryn Jordan will talk about HOT WATER.

The Oaks at Ojai
Kathryn Jordan returns to the Oaks for the 5th time to share the "Ultimate Spa Novel," HOT WATER

HOT WATER goes international!
The world Spanish language rights to HOT WATER were recently purchased by Editorial ViaMagna, a publisher, in Spain. The release date is January 19, 2007.


Can this really be dignified author Kathryn Jordan at the Pulpwood Queens' "Hair Ball"? Learn the origins of Kathryn's outfit to match the cover of Hot Water (a turquoise wig?!)

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REVIEW: Posted at Two Lips Review
Hot Water is a gloriously poetic novel that begins in the style of Contemporary Chick Lit but rapidly branches out into philosophy and metaphysics, and into allegory and metaphor. Hot Water truly has the capacity to melt the most jaded, cynical, ice-block heart. Hot Water is a glorious precious gem of a story, one which transforms ugly routine reality into a faceted diamond catching the light. No reader, male nor female, is going to resist this one; it fully deserves best-seller status. Read on...

REVIEW (wnbc.com):
Romance: B(u)y the Book
- Old Flames
A disillusioned Midwestern housewife desperately needs respite from her aggressive husband and stifled existence. She indulges in a secret weekend at a spa in the California hills, where she engages the services of a handsome young male escort. Read on...

HOT WATER is the ultimate woman’s fantasy. A Minnesota woman escapes her stifling life for a weekend at a secluded spa resort in the California desert. She rents a red Lamborghini and hires a male escort who turns out to be more than she could dream.

When you flirt with fantasy,
you risk falling in love...

"Hot Water speaks to every woman's dream of reclaiming the sensual joys of life."
                                    - Susan Johnson, best selling author of erotic fiction

Now Available!

On May 7th, as Kathryn Jordan toured California spa resorts and book stores, HOT WATER was #2 on a local best seller list in the San Luis Obispo Tribune! On the same list, THE DA VINCI CODE was #4! We're on our way...

I am amazed! I have never seen him before, but Eduardo Verastegui is
William, the hero of the novel.




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